About Us

Who We Are

The founders of the AVO Blenders are plant-based enthusiasts who always strive to 
create nutritionally balanced meals, without compromising ingredients or taste!
Typically there’s a dividing line between what’s regarded as healthy food
 and what satisfies one’s taste buds. 
AVO promises to deliver on both!

Our Mission

 All Vegan Organic’s mission is to make healthy living that much more accessible! Choosing a healthier diet has enormous health benefits and should also be a rewarding experience where you enjoy every bite! We are committed to using only unprocessed and organic ingredients.

Our Vision

 All Vegan Organic’s vision is to entice the masses to embrace a lifestyle that will: 
  • Elevate their level of health
  • Dramatically improve the environment 
  • Eliminate cruelty to animals
  • Educate people on how plant-based food does not necessarily mean healthy food